Local producers at the service of a refined cuisine

Latitude Blanche is committed to local French or Norwegian suppliers and favours partnerships with small responsible producers in order to offer a refined and committed cuisine on board Polarfront.

Discover some of our producers partners:

Les Fins Gourmets, duck breeders in Quercy

“Farmers and breeders on the Causses of Quercy, we joined forces in 1990 to create our Les Fins Gourmets brand. Concerned about animal welfare, we raise ducks in the wild where they benefit from shady meadows. All the “Fins Gourmets” duck-based products are made by us. Very attached to our region, our whole team works in the respect of the methods and the traditional recipes resulting from the soil of Quercy”.

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The GAEC of Pécanot, breeders in Quercy

“We are cousins and took over the land from our parents in January 2012 to continue the work of our forefathers. We raise pigs in the open air and Aubrac and Salers cattle and grow saffron. Our farm is located in Varaire on the Causse du Quercy. We are part of a tradition of small farming, respecting the environment and biodiversity”.

Patrice Bes and Fabien Lonjou.

Marty’s organic lamb from Quercy

A family farm located in the Causses du Quercy, it specialises in the production of organic lamb and obtained Ecocert certification in 2003. “Our animals are raised in respect of natural cycles without hormonal treatments or vaccines. The lambs grow up with their mother who suckles them. The ewes are fed mainly with grass and hay produced on the farm.” Véronique and Gilles Marty.

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The traditional smoked salmon of Boulogne Sur Mer

The company Bourgain & Fils, founded in 1921 in Boulogne sur Mer, is one of the oldest family-owned and independent sausage factories. For 3 generations, men and women have been preparing, smoking and packaging salmon. ” Scottish or Norwegian salmon come from small selected farms. We receive them fresh, the lounges by hand, with dry salt before smoking them in our old chimneys, called the “coresses” ” Pascal Bourgain.

Discover their products: