23 AU 30 JANVIER 2021

    Rejoignez-nous en janvier 2021 à bord du navire d’expédition haut de gamme français Polarfront pour un voyage d’une semaine à la recherche des orques et aurores boréales tout en explorant les eaux du nord de la Norvège.

    Après la longue nuit polaire, le soleil est de retour à Tromsø,projetant une belle lumière sur les montagnes enneigées.

    Les cétacés se nourrissent dans les fjords,et si les nuits sont dégagées,les aurores boréales font souvent une apparition dans le ciel polaire.


    During the winter months, whales and orcas are gathering in the cold waters of Norwegian fjords to feed on the abundance of herring found there.

    Finding orcas will be the main focus of our trip. We will do our best to avoid the areas visited by the Tromsø day trips. This has a double advantage: less disturbance for cetaceans, and fewer boats in our photos.

    When we find the orcas and conditions allow, we will put the zodiacs in the water to try to approach them.

    Of course, we always act responsibly. The Polarfront crew are trained for a respectful approach.

    The most likely species that we will encounter are orcas (killer whales) and humpback whales (humpback whales)


    The second half of January strikes the perfect balance between longer days after the polar night and nights dark and long enough to observe the Northern Lights.

    While focusing on the killer whales, we will plan our overnight route to areas where the skies are predicted to be clear by Norwegian weather services.

    The places we will visit on this Orcas and Northern Lights photo trip are located at an ideal geomagnetic latitude and where the Northern Lights can usually be seen on almost every clear night.


    Whales are not the only animals we will attempt to see on our trip. Many birds spend most of the winter in northern Norway, so we’ll be looking for them on the trip as well.

    Among other things, we can meet Common Eiders and we will keep an eye out for the very colorful King Eider.

    Black Guillemots are also common at this time of year in Norway, as are several seagulls. We will also try to admire and photograph a raptor frequently seen along the coasts, the White-tailed Eagle.

    Mammals will not be outdone, and we will seek to observe reindeer, along the coast.


    Rayann Elzein

    Rayann is a French naturalist photographer. He discovered the polar regions about ten years ago and fell in love with them.

    He is passionate about the Northern Lights and the wildlife of these parts of the world. He has traveled several times with us on the Polarfont and looks forward to sharing his passions with you.

    Learn more about Rayann Elzein

    Laura Dyer

    Laura is a South African photographer based in London with a love for open lands and uninhabited places, from the plains and rivers of Africa to the ice of the Arctic.

    She travels to photograph as much of our natural world as she can. She enjoys taking pictures and shares her enthusiasm with everyone involved.

    Learn more about Laura Dyer



    This killer whale and northern lights photo trip in Tromsø, Norway is for photographers of all skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

    This trip is focused on field experiences. Therefore, more limited time will be spent in a “classroom” to foster contact with nature and local wildlife.

    To help you make your photos even more beautiful, the photographers on board will give several presentations and retouching sessions in the living room of the ship.


    This trip is all about photography. Two professional and very experienced naturalist photographers will be on board.

    They will answer all your questions, help you with your gear and anything else you might need.

    Landings and wildlife tours will be planned in such a way as to achieve the best possible photos, at the right time with the best light and at a favorable angle for photography.



    This photo trip is all inclusive. This means that there are no hidden costs for you as a participant. We want you to fully know what you are getting before your trip, and that way there can be no disappointments. So we take care of everything for you from the moment you board the Polarfront ship in Tromsø, until the moment you disembark.

    During the trip you have unlimited access to all of the ship’s wellness areas, such as a Nordic bath, sauna and gym.