Quality / Safety / Environment

Our priority: your safety

Our background as safety specialists’ onboard ships including managing positions on land, give us the ability to deal with the risks on land and afloat. The safety of our passengers and crew as well as the ship itself is our priority. We have a strict risk prevention policy of all safety equipment. We are continuously working to develop and keep improving safety culture onboard through regular training.

Our commitment for the planet

Polar areas are protected by international and local regulations compulsory for all shipping companies. Respecting them is an obligation for all companies. We want to go further! Our ambition is to implement measures onboard above the regulations for lower energy consumption, waste reduction and so on.

Here are some examples of our actions onboard:

Compulsory regulations:

  • Low sulphur gas oil
  • Sorting waste

Own additional measures:

  • – Optimisation of itineraries for lower consumption
  • – Optimisation of the curve engine speed / pitch propeller for lower consumption
  • – Reduction of energy consumers (LED lightning, Frequency variators on electric motors, ,…)
  • – Waste: Limiting packaging from the start, use of eco branded packaging, no discharge of waste at sea… Reduction of waste production through the use of economically and biodegradable packaging products
  • – Respect of the fauna and flora following company’s strcit policy
  • New generation engines on zodiacs
  • Carburant free activities (like the seacycle)

A small booklet is available in every cabin onboard to sensitise all of our passengers to our commitments to the planet and especially in those remote areas.

We are also committed not to use any food coming from the WWF red list.

Humans at the center

Tolerance and equality

With the French motto « liberty, equality, fraternity » at heart, we have a non-discriminating policy on all fronts and promote diversity onboard as well as on land, both for passengers and crew. All equal, all different, all welcome!

Working conditions

Our crew are employed under French working regulations, including all social guarantees (health, pension, unemployment rate…).